Service Provisioning

Service Provisioning System

Integration options

  • Ready integration with the Customer's internal IT landscape systems, such as:
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
    • Technical accounting systems;
    • Billing systems;
    • Workforce Management (WFM);
    • Service Bus (ESB);
    • IP-telephony and IPTV service delivery platforms;
    • Autoconfiguration Server (ACS);
    • Service Management System (SDX);
    • BRAS;
    • DHCP server.
  • Availability of a large library of ready-made adapters for interaction with network equipment on GPON and FTTb technologies:
    • Cisco;
    • Huawei;
    • Eltex;
    • Ericsson;
    • D-Link;
    • EdgeCore, etc.

Service activation systems developed by Delta Solutions provide systematization and automation of business processes of activation, deactivation and change of the set and characteristics of services at the end user, while providing configuration of the network infrastructure and internal IT landscape of the Customer. The solution can be used both to activate 3-play services and to automate the configuration of services such as:

  • Fixed IP address provisioning;
  • VPN services:
    • L2 VPN;
    • L3 VPN services and others.

In addition to automation of service activation, the solution supports service connection diagnostics, connection quality checks and reconciliation of the configuration of IT systems and network equipment.

To build service activation systems, Delta Solutions uses platforms such as:

  • HP Service Activator;
  • Delta OMS.

Order Management System


  • High system performance and scalability;
  • Easy to integrate into existing business processes;
  • The ability to restore the system without losing any data by saving the statuses of all running processes.

Order management system is designed to automate the processing and administration of requests coming from different IT systems of the customer, related to service management (primary connection/disconnection/change of parameters, etc.), as well as other processes to be automated. To build such solutions Delta Solutions uses proprietary product Delta OMS.

Solution Structure

Delta OMS


  • The system is developed using a technology stack that meets the requirements of the Russian software registry;
  • Designing and executing scenarios of any business and technological processes; Support for configuring network equipment using the protocols:
    • ssh;
    • telnet;
    • sftp.
  • Ability to manually manage orders at any stage of their life cycle;
  • Possibility to restore the system without losing data by saving the statuses of all executable processes;
  • Support of horizontal and vertical scalability;

Delta OMS (Order Management System) - is a system, which provides automation of execution of the life cycle of orders and management of related processes and data. It provides the ability to monitor, track, and make manual changes at any stage of the order fulfillment process. In addition to flexible orchestration of orders from multiple systems of internal IT landscape of the customer, Delta OMS provides functionality class Service Provisioning, and provides configuration of various types of related IT-systems and network equipment.

Delta OMS is a universal platform for solving problems of order management in both telecommunications and retail, providing rapid introduction of new services and goods to the market, as well as reducing operating costs to maintain and change processes.

The Delta OMS GUI enables operators and administrators to manage the order lifecycle and provides the following capabilities:

  • Monitoring and controlling the current status of orders;
  • Information about the status of the execution of orders;
  • Editing order parameters in the course of their execution;
  • Repeating and restarting tasks of orders;
  • Repeating tasks with changed parameters;
  • Suspending and resuming of orders;
  • Deletion of orders;
  • Manual creation of an asynchronous response in case the related IS is unavailable;
  • Creation of a role model with flexible configuration of access privileges;
  • Logging of user actions with fixing of changed parameters of orders or tasks.

Request access to Delta OMS

Delta OMS architecture


  • Copper Engine - open source process execution engine;
  • Kotlin DSL - scripting language;
  • Support of different DBMS: Oracle, Cassandra, Postgres, etc.

Delta OMS architecture

  • The OMS Processing Engine executes the automated script steps, including controlling the provisioning operations;
  • OMS Catalog Engine describes the rules of the script; Integration Adapters perform interactions with the related IT systems and hardware via the CLI;
  • OMS Web Console allows the operator and administrator to manage the ticket flow and monitor the system status;
  • Configuration Repository provides centralized storage of solution settings.

Delta IP Address Management


  • Centralized management of the IP infrastructure from a single interface;
  • Reconciliation of system data and network conditions;
  • Availability of a large library of ready-made adapters to interact with DHCP platforms built on routers:
    • Cisco;
    • Huawei;
    • Juniper, etc.
  • Supports horizontal and vertical scaling;
  • Supports deployment in a container configuration.

The system is designed to automate the management and accounting of IP address space and other closely related resources.

Delta IPAM product, based on open technology, provides the following features to the network administrator:

  • Accounting and retrieval of information about IP addresses within networks and subnets;
  • Check the possibility of allocation of IP addresses and their redundancy;
  • Verification of the possibility of splitting and merging blocks of IP addresses;
  • Automatic detection of IPv4/IPv6 addresses;
  • Managing IP addresses on DHCP platforms;
  • Automatic monitoring of network nodes and resolving IP addresses in DNS;
  • Automating interaction with network equipment as part of enriching information in the system;
  • Generating reports and logging events;
  • Setting up access policies for groups of subnets.

Delta IPAM is suitable for the tasks of IT management of companies with both medium-sized corporate networks, and with a large network of millions of IP-addresses.

Delta IPAM architecture

Delta IPAM Architecture

  • Integration Adapters / CLI Plugin perform the function of executing queries to external network elements and related information systems;
  • Processing Engine - a subsystem for collecting and checking technical data from external equipment and platforms;
  • Management Core - IP address management subsystem;
  • Data Source - database for storing system and network inventory data. Such DBMS as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle are supported;
  • Administration GUI allows the operator and administrator to manage the address space and monitor the state of the network.