IoT solutions based on the Cumulocity platform

IoT solutions based on the Cumulocity platform


  • Multi-platform and distributed architecture (cloud, on-premise, hybrid, edge)
  • Flexible and open architecture, no vendor lock-in
  • Quick Use Case implementation through ready-made components
  • extensible platform by allowing you to write your own components for your needs

Cumulocity IoT is a platform that offers its customers (service providers, enterprises, etc.) complete freedom of choice in the design, implementation and development of their tasks in the IoT.

Cumulocity IoT is a configurable IoT solution that supports businesses of all sizes, regardless of the level of their IoT needs.

The platform meets the needs of two Internet of Things market groups:

  • Companies using the Internet of Things to improve their own products and services;
  • IoT service providers looking to build and turn the IoT platform itself into a source of profit

Cumulocity IoT

Key features of the Cumulocity IoT platform:

  • DEVICE CONNECTIVITY — support for over 100 device types and more than 300 protocols and this number is constantly growing, it is also possible to develop your own adapters for new devices using SDK
  • DEVICE MANAGEMENT — full device management support including remote management and monitoring
  • ANALYTICS — support for streaming/batch/predictive/edge and Self-Service analytics
  • DATA MANAGEMENT — operational and analytical warehousing with external BI tools and integration with external data warehouses
  • INTEGRATION & API — support for over 170 integrations with external enterprise systems (such as SAP, Oracle, etc.) as well as API management functionality
  • APPLICATION ENABLEMENT — an out-of-the-box set of applications and ability to develop your own WEB and microservices applications with convenient platform deployment
  • SOLUTION ACCELERATORS — ready-to-use gas pedals for different Use Cases for quick start and business results