Cloudera Data Platform

Solutions based on Cloudera Data Platform


  • Multi-platform (cloud and on-premise environments)

  • Multifunctionality (DWH, DS/ML, Real-Time Streaming, Integration)

  • Universal security and data management policies

  • Flexible and open architecture with a set of open source components

Cloudera Data Platform combines the best technologies from HortonWorks and Cloudera based on Apache Hadoop and is the first universal enterprise data cloud. CDP is a multi-component and feature-rich solution and provides great capabilities in self-service analytics in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as sophisticated and detailed security and data management policies.


CDP platform management components


  • No dependence on a particular cloud provider
  • Addressing any data storage, processing and analytics needs
  • Reduced IT costs through unified environment and cluster management
  • Reducing time-to-market for company products through self-service analytics without involving IT
  • Constantly extensible open platform thanks to new components
  • SDX — set of internal services for metadata, migration, security and catalog management
  • MANAGEMENT CONSOLE — a single tool for cluster management across all environments
  • DATA CATALOG — A centralized data management tool to discover, organize, secure and manage data across environments
  • WORKLOAD MANAGER — centralized management tool for analyzing and optimizing resource utilization within and across environments
  • REPLICATION MANAGER — centralized management tool for replication and transfer of data, metadata and policies across environments

CDP data storage, processing and analysis components

  • DATA WAREHOUSE — high-performance repository for BI and SQL analytics
  • OPERATIONAL DATABASE — Structured and unstructured processing of relational or NoSQL data
  • DATA ENGINEERING — streaming/batch data processing and ETL
  • MACHINE LEARNING — machine learning work environment
  • DATA HUB — highly configurable, classical cluster optimized for compute and storage partitioning
  • DATA FLOW — scalable, real-time streaming analytics platform
  • CLOUDERA RUNTIME — Apache Hadoop suite of core services