Online and Offline Mediation

Solvable Tasks

  • Online service tariffication - quota management for prepaid and postpaid subscribers depending on policy, APN, URL, time, location, direction, subscriber equipment, 2G/3G/4G/FTTB/Wi-Fi/LTE network), package subscriptions.
  • Packet management:
    • packages by time of service provisioning;
    • packets based on traffic volume;
    • packages of different event types.
  • Uninterrupted service providing for prepaid and postpaid subscribers in case of prepaid-platform unavailability (emergency or scheduled works) with further additional services rendering (bypass-mode).

Online and Offline Mediation

Solution Subsystems

  • Network Layer
    • NE Adapters
  • Logic Layer
    • Session Management
    • Event Management
    • Reporting Management
    • Notification Management
  • Charging Layer
    • Online and offline interfaces to billing systems
  • Interfaces to external databases (LDAP, JDBC)

Bypass and additional charging

If the prepaid platform is unavailable, the system provides service in bypass mode. Main functions of bypass mode:

  • provision of service quotas without reference to prepaid-platform;
  • saving the data (CDR-files) about used service for the further bypassing possibility;
  • launch of the process of CDR-files donation when prepaid-platform is available.

Bypass1 mode


  • Used in case of scheduled or emergency work on System components that makes it impossible to provide service in normal mode.
  • Manual or automatic mode activation.

Bypass2 mode


  • Used in case of scheduled or emergency work on the prepaid platform.
  • Manual or automatic mode activation.



Dotarification mode is triggered when systems are restored to working order

Dotation mode options

  • Adjusting the speed of the donation to limit the load on the prepaid system
  • CDR filtration by different features
    • Type of service
    • Time passed from the moment of actual service rendering (if certain period is over then service is not charged)
  • Transfer of additional attributes to the prepaid-system for identification of the charging records processed in the bypass modes

Postpaid subscribers traffic processing

  • Definition of a service type.
  • Generation of data (CDR-files) on the used service with charging attributes for transfer to billing systems.

Implementation of additional services

The solution allows you to organize the provision and charging of any additional services that require on-line interaction between the systems of the service provider and the operator's systems.

  • The solution can be a single universal interface for all the external systems requiring interaction with billing and prepaid-platforms, performing the function of Online Mediation.
  • The solution allows you to connect a variety of service delivery platforms without modifications to the billing system.
  • Solution allows you to implement additional logic of pre- and post-processing when receiving requests for service provision (data validation, additional notification, etc).

An example of additional service realization, the scheme of interaction

Additional services realization

Example of additional service realization, algorithm

  • At the request of the service provider, the solution reports the subscriber's balance. The subscriber's balance can be obtained from the local base - the subscribers' balance cache or requested from the billing system.
  • At the request of the service provider the Solution writes off the requested amount from the balance of a prepaid subscriber in real time. Two-phase charging with advanced reservation and charging upon service provision or direct debiting without advanced reservation is possible. For postpaid subscribers CDRs are formed for the requested amount.