Billing Solutions

Convergent billing solutions

  • Online and Offline Mediation
  • PCRF Server
  • AAA Server
  • Real Time Charging

Delta Solutions offers a set of carrier-grade solutions for managing access to services and providing billing data processing for consumed services. The solutions are built on the platforms of partner companies, such as:

  • HP eIUM
  • SAP Data Mediation by Digital Route
  • SAP Convergent Charging.

Open source data processing platforms such as Apache Flink, Apache NiFi and others are widely used as alternative platforms for implementation of solutions.

As internal data storage and processing subsystems are widely used modern high performance in-memory systems and databases: Hazelcast, Couchbase, etc.

Online and Offline Mediation

Online and Offline Mediation. The Mediation (or pre-billing) class solution is built on the HP Internet Usage Manager platform. HP Internet Usage Manager is a software product by Hewlett-Packard designed for building systems for preliminary processing of data on services provided by a communications service provider to its customers. The product is built on Java technology, which makes it independent of the hardware platform.

Policy Control Solutions PCRF Server

Policy Control Solutions PCRF Server — a carrier-class software platform designed for creating converged policy management and policy application decisions in real time. The platform integrates into the core functional areas of the operator's network: OSS/BSS, core network, content applications. PCRF Server includes 3GPP standards based implementation of PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) and is an "out of box" solution for provisioning, managing and assigning policies like QoS (Quality of Service) management, bandwidth management, subscriber behavior related policies as well as policies for access to value added services in 2G/3G and LTE networks. PCRF Server is a single, flexible, reliable and scalable software platform for the creation and management of any type of policy that is specific to the telecommunications industry.

AAA Server

AAA Server provides network access control functions including authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) for 2G, 3G, 4G, fixed-line and mixed networks.

Real Time Charging Platform

Real Time Charging Platform gives the operator an opportunity to record the usage of services by subscribers. The platform includes a subsystem for quota management (Quota Manager), which records the services used by subscribers on meters covered by subscriptions (subscription fees). The platform also includes a balance management subsystem (Balance Manager) that keeps track of subscriber balances (monetary and non-monetary). The billing subsystem (Rating Engine) allows you to create various flexible billing mechanisms for used services, such as: fixed cost, cost depending on time of day/day of week, cost depending on volume of used services, etc.