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Domestic hardware and software complex to create VDI infrastructure appeared in Russia


Astra Linux Group and Delta Solutions Group have developed Russia's first fully domestic hardware and software system (HSS) for deployment of virtual workplace infrastructures on the basis of their own products. The project was realized by the order of Concern "Rosenergoatom" and has already successfully passed the first test tests.

Today, workplace virtualization is a global trend, which essentially means transferring a computer and all its applications to the so-called "virtual" state, thus making it possible to "detach" the user from the concrete "hardware" and provide remote access from anywhere in the world.

The project, implemented within the framework of the Russian government's import substitution program, was developed by order of Rosenergoatom Concern (part of the Electric Power Division of Rosatom State Corporation), which also acted as its reference customer.


Experts have already carried out comprehensive load tests of the new complex, and the test results have shown that it functions stably and correctly. At the moment, the PAC capacity allows to organize a fail-safe configuration for simultaneous work of 1 thousand users, and in the future their number will be increased by 10 times.

It's noteworthy that the new PACK is completely designed on the basis of domestic products: from operating system (OS), virtualization tools and VDI connection broker to servers and storage systems. The OS of Astra Linux family, PC "Brest Virtualization Tools" and Termidesk for Astra connection manager became the software base for it. Domestic servers and storage systems from DeltaComputers (part of Delta Solutions Group) were used as hardware.

In the near future the developers plan to expand the composition of the PAC domestic system to backup and restore data RuBackup.

According to the general director of Astra Linux Ilya Sivtsev, all this will allow companies that will use the new system, significantly reduce the cost of IT systems, as well as provide centralized and convenient administration and secure remote work of employees. "It is important for us that the first implementation of the complex takes place in Rosenergoatom, since the concern is now implementing a project of infrastructure transfer to Russian solutions that cannot be compared with any other in its scale. This is confirmation of high competitiveness of our complex," he stressed.

In turn, Deputy General Director, Director for Economics and Finance of Rosenergoatom Concern Sergei Migalin explained that during the pandemic, the concern did start actively using virtual workstations based on Astra Linux, but in 2021 the company is facing an even more global task - import substitution of all hardware. "Our trilateral cooperation was an example of effective cooperation between software developers, hardware manufacturers and the customer. We were interested in a working complex solution based on the domestic technology stack, and such a PAC was created under our auspices. We have already launched its pilot implementation, which is successfully taking place at Kalininsky data center for the users of the Concern's central office," he emphasized.

According to the General Director of SC Delta Solutions Andrey Chernyshev, the created joint solution can become a precedent on the IT market, confirming that today domestic technologies and developments are highly competitive with their Western analogues - both in terms of cost and functionality. "We are guided by the global experience of equipment development, take into account the practice of operation of Russian customers, as well as current trends in import substitution. All of this together gives our customers the opportunity to implement their needs on Russian equipment with characteristics that are not inferior to products of global IT industry leaders," he said, stressing that the created PAC is positioned as a "boxed solution" ready for integration into any data center in Russia and CIS countries.



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